Best Red Retro Microwaves Review

Decorating a kitchen or dorm room can be a lot of fun, especially when you are looking to bring in some bright colors. A red microwave can provide you with that glimmer of color that provides you with a mood for the rest of the decorations throughout the room. A microwave is an essential item in any kitchen or dorm room and many different styles exist. There’s no reason to go with the traditional black or white color.

Our Quick Recommendations

Here’s a quick look at our TOP picks for the best Red Retro Microwaves on the market today or check out our full reviews below.

1. Farberware Classic FMO11AHTBKN RED

This Farberware FMO11AHTBKN 1.1 Cu. Ft. 1000-Watt metallic red microwave oven is the ideal size for office break rooms or home kitchens.

It comes with 6 ONE touch cooking programs that let you optimally cook six of the most popular food items with the touch of a button. Choose from ten power levels up to 1000 watts on these countertop microwave ovens.

The large digital screen has a clock feature and can display a countdown timer in addition to the cooking time remaining. The memory function lets you customize and save your favorite cook settings for added one-touch benefit.

2. Galanz GLCMKA07RDR-07 RED

This Galanz Microwave comes equipped with 700W of power and combined with 6 Variable Power Levels that make it easy to defrost

It can be used for all your frozen foods and you can defrost by time or weight so you can enjoy more flavorful foods. There is an easy-to-read led display that clearly shows the remaining cooking time. And when the cooking procedure has finished, three beeps sound will be heard

The manufacturer also packs it with interior light for checking the status without having to open the doors. Meanwhile, the safety lock prevents unsupervised operation by children. You’ll be able to lock the control panel using the child safety lock option to prevent accidental use or access by children.

3. Willz Countertop Small Microwave Oven

This Willz 0.7 Cu. Ft., 700 watts microwave oven with its red look can complement your kitchen with different styles.

This thoughtful microwave oven offers six one-touch starts cooking ways to quickly start the Potato, Popcorn, Pizza, Beverage, Frozen Dinner, and Reheat. It is easy to add 30 SEC. as well as defrost during cooking.

It has 11 Variable Power Levels and Adjustable power levels that provide complete flexibility for cooking your favorite dishes. It also comes with an interior light to give you a better vision of the cooking status without opening the door. The LED screen clearly shows the cooking time, power, indicators, and present time.

4. COMFEE’ CM-M093ARD Retro Microwave

You can now prepare a full meal with this red retro microwave! Although it comes in a compact size but can easily accommodate most common dishes such as a 10-inch pizza.

Microwave cooking can now be intuitively customized! Just press the Power Level key and rotate the selector to choose from ten power levels and up to 95 minutes of cooking time.

You can always easily take out the mug or dish from the microwave without getting burned through the auto position memory function, which enables the turntable to return to its starting point.

5. COMFEE’ Retro Small Microwave Oven

This Comfee 0.7 cu. ft. 700 watts retro style microwave oven is inspired from those good old days and refined by modern style and practical functions.

It features 9 auto menus, an easy defrosting function, microwave cooking with 10 power levels, and an express cooking button. It is equipped with a position memory turntable, energy-saving eco mode, a mute button, a clock, and a kitchen timer.

The bright LED digital display, easy-to-read control panel, and cool-touch rounded buttons further improve the user experience. The compact size is ideal for apartment kitchens, vacation homes, offices, and dorms.

6. RCA RMW987-RED 0.9 cu. ft

With a speed/weight defrost button and five different power levels, this microwave is ready to take on your biggest cooking challenges. It also has a retro-themed over-sized knob for easy operation.

And if you have kids in the house, don’t worry—this microwave comes with a child safety lock. So if they get too curious about what’s going on inside the microwave, they won’t be able to open it up and find out!

It’s a great addition to any kitchen or dorm room. And now that you’re thinking about how much fun it would be to throw a party with this bad boy, we’d like to remind you: the speed/weight defrost button makes it easy for you to pop some popcorn while keeping an eye on what else is cooking in there.

Red Retro Microwave Buying Tips

You can find a red microwave in various kitchen stores so that you can have something different inside the room. Whether you use it for TV dinners or popcorn, it will get plenty of attention because it’s not a color that people see every day. Colored appliances are one of the easiest ways to add a splash of color into a room and red is perhaps one of the boldest of all colors.

Whether you’re looking for a small microwave or a large one, you will be able to locate a red microwave quite easily. Granted, you will find more black ones and white ones than anything else, but the hunt for a red one is what makes it even more fun once you find the right style in the right color. People will constantly ask you where you bought it because they, too, will want a red microwave for their own home.

Shopping on the internet is the surest way to get a red microwave because you have the ability to shop in more stores. If you were to go down to your local stores, you may have to go in and out of half a dozen of them before you find a red model – and even when you find one, it may not be the size that you hoped for.

When you shop online, you can cover more ground much more quickly. All you have to do is type in the specifics, in this case, a red microwave, and wait to find out exactly what the possibilities are. You can choose various brands, sizes, and models. Once you locate the perfect red one, you can then do some price comparisons in order to buy your microwave oven at the lowest available price across the internet.

Buying a red microwave oven will say a lot about your personality. It will brighten your room and give you a conversation piece. Whether you tell people the secret of where you bought it is up to you – you may want to keep hush about it just to add to the intrigue of the red appliance in your home.

It’s going to be fun to shop for a red microwave, so just make sure that you choose the right model once you start to locate all the red ones.

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